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Rosetta Stone TOTALe 5.0.37 + Multiple Languages

Rosetta Stone icon
NameRosetta Stone TOTALe 5.0.37 + Multiple Languages
Size41.19 GB
Created on2017-07-25 13:15:54
Files※ See Files


Name: Rosetta Stone TOTALe
Version: 5.0.37 + Multiple Languages
Mac Platform: Intel

 - Snow Leopard, Lion, or Mountain Lion (OS X 10.6 or higher)
 - Intel CoreDuo 1.33GHz or faster processor
 - 1GB RAM or Higher
 - Free Hard Drive Space of 3GB (per Level)
 - 1024 x 768 display resolution
 - Broadband Internet connection
 - USB headset with microphone

Includes: K

Web Site: http://www.rosettastone.com

Languages Included:
 - Arabic
 - Chinese
 - Dutch
 - English (UK)
 - English (US)
 - Farsi
 - French
 - German
 - Greek
 - Hebrew
 - Hindi
 - Irish
 - Italian
 - Japanese
 - Korean
 - Polish
 - Portuguese
 - Russian
 - Spanish (Latin American)
 - Spanish (Main Land Spain)
 - Swedish
 - Tagalog
 - Turkish
 - Vietnamese
 - Latin

Installation and Activation: 
 • Install Rosetta Stone
 • Install Update.dmg
 • Right click on RS app -> Select 'Show Package Contents'
 • Go to Contents -> Resources
 • Replace LocalApp.swf with cracked file
 • Copy signatures.xml to META-INF folder & replace the old one
 • Block with Little Snitch
 • Disable update checking
 • Absolutely do NOT update, EVER
 • Update/install Adobe Air, if needed
 • Install v. 3.x language packs
 • Again, Do NOT update

Latin Language Installation

ISO Images of Original DVDs are supplied

Double click all language iso files (to open with DiskImageMounter), then go open Rosetta Stone, and at the top-right, one of the drop down menus will give you the option to "Add or Remove Languages". Click that and proceed through the steps.

Once you get all the languages installed, you can unmount them from your Finder, and just delete themunless you want to keep them as a backup

* For those who want to block via hosts file instead of Little Snitch:
# = *.ip.att.net rosettastone.com launch.rosettastone.com amp.rosettastone.com resources.rosettastone.com updates.rosettastone.com

* It is safe to update to 5.0.37 and reapply the crack.

* Installing languages:
sudo mkdir /Library/Application\ Support/Rosetta\ Stone/Language\ Training/AutoInstall
sudo cp XXXX.rsd /Library/Application\ Support/Rosetta\ Stone/Language\ Training/AutoInstall

sudo mkdir /Library/Application\ Support/Rosetta\ Stone/TOTALe/AutoInstall
sudo cp XXXX.rsd /Library/Application\ Support/Rosetta\ Stone/TOTALe/AutoInstall

* After installing languages, the app will ask for product registration serials for each language pack. Just click the other tab "Activated Products".

With Rosetta Stone TOTALe you can learn to speak Spanish, French, Italian, English, German or one of 19 other languages

The Rosetta Stone TOTALe language-learning program is designed to help you improve your language skills effectively - and you’ll see results before you know it.

Ready to dive in?
From lesson one, the language you're learning is the only one you'll hear and use. If you want to learn to swim, you need to get in the water. It's the same with learning to speak another language. Without your native language for help, you'll learn actively - which makes you more successful.

• ADAPTIVE LEARNING - You don't learn like anyone else. Our adaptive learning algorithm adjusts to fit your learning style.
• COMMUNITY LEARNING - Languages are made to be shared. So, we'll introduce you to millions of other learners and native speakers.
• SOCIAL SHARING - Language-learning success shouldn't be a secret. That's why we've launched social sharing.
• ON THE GO LEARNING - Your life shouldn't have to slow down for language learning. Our method is flexible enough to keep up.

Learning with our free mobile app is like having a personal language tutor. You’ll discover new vocabulary and grammar - and learn how to use your new language skills in conversation.

Our proven, immersion-based method is the best way to discover the benefits of learning a new language.


RosettaStone 5.0.37 + All Languages
│── Arabic.zip (1.32 GB)
│── Chinese.zip (2.54 GB)
│── Crack.zip (4.44 MB)
│── Dutch.zip (1.24 GB)
│── English (UK).zip (2.11 GB)
│── English (US).zip (2.34 GB)
│── Farsi.zip (1.39 GB)
│── French.zip (2.09 GB)
│── General Instructions.rtf (1.85 kB)
│── German.zip (2.12 GB)
│── Greek.zip (1.22 GB)
│── Hebrew.zip (1.30 GB)
│── Hindi.zip (1.32 GB)
│── Installing languages (All Except Latin).rtf (1.85 kB)
│── Irish.zip (1.22 GB)
│── Italian.zip (2.27 GB)
│── Japanese.zip (1.74 GB)
│── Korean.zip (1.27 GB)
│── Latin Language Installation.rtf (0.76 kB)
│── Latin.zip (1.29 GB)
│── Polish.zip (1.23 GB)
│── Portuguese.zip (1.35 GB)
│── Rosetta_Stone_5.0.37.zip (115.5 MB)
│── Russian.zip (2.22 GB)
│── Spanish (Latin America).zip (2.38 GB)
│── Spanish (Spain).zip (2.12 GB)
│── Swedish.zip (1.19 GB)
│── Tagalog.zip (1.36 GB)
│── Turkish.zip (1.24 GB)
└─ Vietnamese.zip (1.18 GB)



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